Hello Cavitt Community,
We are so excited to be working with your student this year.  At Cavitt we are not only proud of our academic achievements,  but also our work in helping students navigate the socio-emotional aspects of growing up in Junior High.
We are so proud of our WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) program, which matches up students who are new to Cavitt with our WEB leaders to create community and belonging.  We also love to positively recognize students with our Positive Call Home letters, our Big Elephant students recognizing students program and our Student of the Month recognitions, not only for academics, but for our standing character!
Cavitt has a dedicated staff that is always willing to work with children when they need help with concepts.  We offer Math Lab, and our after school study hall.  Our teachers post test help and weekly homework on their websites so that you also can see the work they are doing in their incredible classes.
We thank you so much for being a partner in your child's education!!
Laurie Beyer
Vice Principal

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