Using PhET SimsTop of Page

Use these sims to play and learn! Manipulate the variables to solidify your understanding.  

Look for instances of:

  • Patterns....

  • Cause and Effect...

  • Stability and Change

Think about:

  • Systems and System Models...

  • Structures and Functions...

  • Energy and Matter...

  • Scale, Proportion and Quantity...


Physics: WavesTop of Page

Waves on a StringTop of Page

Sound and WavesTop of Page

Physics: EnergyTop of Page

Pendulum Puppet: Energy SimulationTop of Page

Energy Forms and Changes InstructionsTop of Page

  • Using the phET Sim: Energy Forms and Changes: Intro then SYSTEMS.
  • Manipulate the variables:  Inputs, Middle, Outputs
  • Construct a sequence of variables that involves ALL of the Types of Energy: mechanical, electrical, thermal, light and chemical.
  • Diagram your FINAL Set Up; Include the Location of each Form of Energy as it is transformed through the system.
  • Energy Forms and ChangesTop of Page

    Pendulum energy Find the MASSTop of Page

    Skate Park Basics: Top of Page

    Physics: Forces and MotionTop of Page

    Forces and Motion BasicsTop of Page

    Chemistry: Matter and InteractionsTop of Page

    States of Matter BasicsTop of Page

    Build an AtomTop of Page

    Isotopes and Atomic MassTop of Page

    Build a MoleculeTop of Page

    Reactants, Products and LeftoversTop of Page

    Balancing Chemical EquationsTop of Page

    Sugar and Salt SolutionsTop of Page

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