Welcome 7th Graders! I am looking forward to a wonderful year of exploration and science fun!!

Required Class MaterialsTop of Page

  • žWorkbook: Reading and Note Taking Guide  
  • žHighlighter, Pencil, and Pen
  • ž1-1 ½  inch three-ringed Science Binder
  • ž8 ½ x 11” loose-leaf paper
  • žCavitt School Planner
  • *Student textbooks can be left at home. We have a class set. Students can also access the textbook online.

GradingTop of Page

žGrades will be determined from the following weighted categories:
a. Activities (Labs/Projects/Classwork)
b. Science Binder/Homework
c. Assessments

žPlease access Powerschool for grade updates.

Extra CreditTop of Page

žExtra credit is available to those who take the initiative to correctly follow the criteria and procedures listed below:
  • Answer assessment questions that are found at the end of each Chapter section.
  • Each question must be typed and followed by an answer written as a complete sentence.
  • A proper paper heading must be included.
  • Chapter Notes: Handwritten “Cornell Style” notes for the chapter including all sections. Chapter notes may occasionally be used on Chapter Tests at the teacher’s discretion.
  • An alternate, relevant assignment may be completed for extra credit that relates to the Chapter topics, students must get approval from the teacher for any alternate assignments before receiving extra credit.
  • žA maximum of 10 points can be earned per Chapter.
  • žExtra credit points for a Chapter can only be earned up until the final test for the Chapter.

ResourcesTop of Page