The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.
--Brian Herbert

"Distance Learning" corner for info you may need- On line office hours 9:00 AM-12:00 PM M-FTop of Page

   Tuesday May 26- hoping everyone had nice Memorial Day weekend and got to do something fun
or even something safely outdoors. I know you must all be feeling like a race horse approaching
the end...I know I do! Yes the finish line is within sight. But we still have assignments that need to
be completed and turned in. Please encourage your child to continue to push forward! I'm looking
forward to seeing all of you next week as you drop off books and pick up your student's items.
Be sure to check and see what day you are scheduled to come to Cavitt. If there is a problem with
the day you were assigned, please contact the office:) That will be on Monday and Tuesday.
  Lots of questions this Monday, May 18, regarding the last day of school. Our last day of school
will be June 4 as scheduled:) Please stay tuned to the Cavitt newsletter for details regarding turning
in books and picking up PE clothes and school work that was left behind. Stay strong! 
  Hoping everyone is staying healthy and doing well on this Monday morning May 11, 2020!
Who would have guessed we would be in it for the long run, but we are doing it and we are coming
close to the end, so hang in there! End of the year procedures will be coming from the office, so stay tuned!
  Happy Monday May 4, 2020....Do you know why this is such an important day? We are exactly
one month away from the last day of school! Can you believe it? We have stayed the way this long,
so I know we will carry on! Keep encouraging your children to stay strong, sleep well, work hard, and
enjoy as best they can, their time at home with family. Now is not the time to give up:) Stay healthy!
  Hang in there everyone- we are in this for the long haul, but we are half way to the end
of the school year:) We are still working hard like we did before and the same expectations apply:)
Keep checking the website and students should be also checking the Google Classroom stream daily,
as important info is posted there and questions come up and get answered for all to benefit:) Stay safe
Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you are all staying healthy and at home. I'm still
hearing how kids are hanging out outside in groups while parents are working or shopping etc. PLEASE
don't let it be you or yours. Homework is on the website and will be updated weekly as if we were in school.
I will post it on Mondays and it will be do Fridays. It really is classwork being done at home now. Please
do it all on google docs and share it with me. There seemed to be too much confusion using the google
classroom worksheets, so lets try this. I will be repeating assignments on the google steam. I mentioned
a biography this morning on the stream. I did not give an assignment for it as yet. I want you to choose a
biography to read on someone you haven't done in the past. You may use it for your reading log.
You will be doing a report on it, but not your typical book report. I will give you more details next week.
This will take 2-3 weeks to do. You will be able to use your reading logs as your summaries for the report
at a later date. I am intentionally not giving details at this time:) The reading and summarizing is the
important part now. Stay healthy!!!
  Happy Groundhog's Day! In April? Well doesn't it feel like the movie?...Each day rolls into the next!
Am I the only one looking forward the Spring Break? We extended distance learning until May 1, but after
hearing the governor and state superintendent the other day, I think we are all just waiting to formally hear
the bad news. How are you parents holding up? I've been in continuous contact with the kids and they
are doing the best they can. They are certainly enjoying the extra sleep. Just don't let them sleep too late;)
It's important to keep some kind of "school" routine. I'm even sleeping in a bit later-not missing the 4:15 AM
alarm, but still putting in 12 hour days. After the break we will be doing a couple of on line classes a week.
I think mine are Wednesdays and Fridays, but a finalized one will be coming out. Stay strong everyone!
Happy Passover and Happy Easter! Happy Spring Break! Enjoy and relax!
  Howdy Everyone! I sure hope this finds you all in good health and good spirits as we conclude
the second week of Distance Learning. By now I'm sure you all received Mr. Janis's email regarding school
closures being extended to May 1. We are all on this new learning curve, that is for sure. I am checking
emails all day long, in between the many virtual zoom meetings and trainings we are all attending. Please
check with your student to be sure that they are doing the assignments and turning them in. Also a special
and necessary request...we are hearing about students meeting in groups of 10-20 at each others' homes.
We are also hearing of parents not being home in the late evening and early morning hours, so parties are
taking place! Pleaseeeeeee be sure this is not your child:)
  Good Friday March 20th Morning! I have added back to our day, our agenda....which includes "on this
day in history" and quotes. I hope you will take the time to read it and think about it and even share them!
It seems that most of you are catching on to this new way of delivering lessons. Still some of you, are still not
reading the directions or the explanations I keep giving. This can not be rushed. Please slow down and take
the time to look for things and carefully read:)
Welcome to "distance learning"! This is new for all of us. You all know where to find weekly h.w. and you have all the papers you need for our regular h.w. We will be using Google Classroom for our classroom lessons and all 3 weeks have been uploaded.
There is an Amplify unit on The Gold Rush. It has been divided into daily assignments. Some things might be impossible to do at home- just do the best you can. If it says work with a partner, maybe call a friend and do that part together. There is also a history unit assigned as classwork on the Scientific Revolution. Pages from two different workbooks have been uploaded that go along with that chapter. We will continue with our regular history section on the Middle Ages of Europe for h.w. Check the h.w section of this website if you are uncertain.
  As you can imagine we are already getting barraged with emails, so please use my office hours to contact me during that time. I will get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.
Tuesday 3-17-20 Happy St. Patrick'd Day! Are you wearing green? I just found most of the "Life in the Middle Ages" videos on you tube!!! We watched the one on Social Structures last week. They are about 20 minutes long and they have the following on you tube, Knights, Serf, Merchant, and Noble. I will be looking for the others. Please watch one a day and write a paragraph on it. Stay healthy!

English and History (Core) HomeworkTop of Page

Good Tuesday Morning May 26, 2020
All work will be due this Friday 5/29/20
No assignments will be accepted after Friday.
Please do not wait for the 
will be too late.
 Roots- finished
Reading- finished
History-Renaissance-Ch 12 sections 1,2,3 ques 1-4...
There are only these history assignments this week.
Keep in the same history binder.
 You are graded for quality, content,
punctuation, spelling, capitalization.
Every answer needs to have the question
re-worded into the answer. There are
no short answers. Please do not use
pronouns where there is a reference
to a person's name in your answer.
Study Skills Class:
 Be sure to get your planner signed every night-even if you think you have no h.w.
Your planner should be neat and clearly planned out for success.
General study rule---Please be sure to
study for all upcoming sp and voc
tests and history quizzes.
Don't wait until the night before!
General H.W. quality expectation---
As always---All answers must be in
complete sentences. Use the
correct heading.
Please use proper grammar.
Capitalization, punctuation,
and spelling (that is used in
that section) are evaluated as
part of the grade for h.w. In
other words, quality counts:)
We still can't get the correct
heading on our papers.
Let's pay attention to detail;)
 School Supplies- please see list
on this web page----PLEASE
have them:)Also be sure to come
to your two period class with
everything you need for both classes.
Medieval Project was assigned on 4/5 of this week. It is due Tues May 9, 2017- Do continue to work on this if you haven't spent much time on it.
Medieval Project was assigned on 4/5 of this week. It is due Tues May 9, 2017- Do continue to work on this if you haven't spent much time on it.

Peppermints- for testing:)Top of Page

PEPPERMINTS please! It really does help them to stay focused:)
 Boxes of tissues- we are begging PLEASE!
Jolly Ranchers
Tootsie roll or Dum Dum pops
Thank you to our wonderful mom who brought in candy and tissues!

School Supplies- Our students are running low on their supplies. Please check with them.Top of Page

For English and History you will need:
English Binder-2 in
History Binder-1 1/2 in and binder rings for I- notebooks
One set on dividers for the English binder
Binder paper- will be used for both classes
Pens-black or blue
Three highlighters of different colors
Extras- color pencils, glue sticks, mini stapler, binder paper reinforcements, white out tape
 For "Study Skills"
Pens, pencils, and paper
Your planner