The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.
--Brian Herbert

*****Parents' Corner***** Countdown to Thanksgiving Break!Top of Page

Got any extra Halloween candy you want to get rid of? Send it in to the candy tub! It will be appreciated! We are still accepting candy!
One week left until Thanksgiving Break!

English and History (Core) HomeworkTop of Page

Homework for the week of...Nov. 18-22 and due on Thurs. Nov.21.
Spelling- wk 13- Thank and write???
Roots-Pel/Puls- to drive,  to push forward-
Reading Log- 20 min, 5 nights, 3 sentences and signed - no signature= no credit. Three sentence summary. Do not overflow into the abyss. hahaha. Keep it tight. It is a summary, not a book. You have other things to work on:)This needs to be done nightly and must be legible. If I can't read it, I can't grade it. Some may prefer to type it...if I continue to struggle through it, you will be required to type it. Same people still losing points for no signatures???? It's now -10!!! Soon it won't count. We have to get into the habit of checking our planners!
History-Ch 5 sec 2 questions 1-4...still way too many not doing a good job on this. See me if you are not getting full credit on you homework. Spelling counts- capitals and periods count. Pronouns used in place of proper nouns will cost you points. You can not use as a study guide with them.
The following are not due until after the break....Thurs. Dec 5
African Rain Stick
African Map- complete legend
You are graded for quality, content, punctuation, spelling, capitalization. Every answer must have the question re-worded into the answer. There are no short answers. Please do not use pronouns where there is a reference to a person's name in your answer. Use the name of the person or people; when you go back to study, you will not know who "she, he they or it" are.These are to be done in pen:) You may type them if you prefer.
Study Skills Class:
 Be sure to get your planner signed every night-even if you think you have no h.w.
Your planner should be neat and clearly planned out for success.
General study rule---Please be sure to study for all upcoming sp and voc tests and history quizzes.
Don't wait until the night before!
General H.W. quality expectation---As always---All answers must be in complete sentences. Use the correct heading.
Please use proper grammar. Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling (that is used in that section) are evaluated as part of the grade for h.w. In other words, quality counts:) We still can't get the correct heading on our papers. Let's pay attention to detail;)
 School Supplies- please see list on this web page----PLEASE have them:)
Also be sure to come to your two period class with everything you need for both classes.
Medieval Project was assigned on 4/5 of this week. It is due Tues May 9, 2017- Do continue to work on this if you haven't spent much time on it.
Medieval Project was assigned on 4/5 of this week. It is due Tues May 9, 2017- Do continue to work on this if you haven't spent much time on it.

Peppermints- for testing:)Top of Page

PEPPERMINTS please! It really does help them to stay focused:)
 Boxes of tissues- we are begging PLEASE!
Jolly Ranchers
Tootsie roll or Dum Dum pops
Thank you to our wonderful mom who brought in candy and tissues!

School Supplies- Our students are running low on their supplies. Please check with them.Top of Page

For English and History you will need:
English Binder-2 in
History Binder-1 1/2 in and binder rings for I- notebooks
One set on dividers for the English binder
Binder paper- will be used for both classes
Pens-black or blue
Three highlighters of different colors
Extras- color pencils, glue sticks, mini stapler, binder paper reinforcements, white out tape
 For "Study Skills"
Pens, pencils, and paper
Your planner