All fall Cavitt sports teams will start their seasons once school begins.  Within the first week of school, interested participants should attend a meeting during break or lunch.  Have your student pay attention to school announcements for the times and places of their meetings!

7th Grade Girls Volleyball RosterTop of Page

Abigayle G.
Addison W.
Arie B.
Brianna N.
Karina S.
Kate S.
Kendra S.
Lainey K.
Mary P.
Melina K.
Perleen D.
Teagan M.
Congratulations on making the 2019 Cavitt Volleyball Team! 
Practice Monday @ 1:30 -3:00
Practice Tues. & Thurs. will be @ 2:30-4:00 
Practice Wed. will be @ 3:00 - 4:00
If you have not turned in your $150.00 donation please do so ASAP

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7th Grade


8th Grade



8th Grade Girls' Volleyball RosterTop of Page

Kathryn B
Carly C
Tessa F
Angelica F
Gigi G
Sarae H
Delaney K
Malia P
Lauren P
Kim S
Lily T
Mia U
Congratulations on making the team! Practice starts tomorrow (Wednesday @ 230)

CoachesTop of Page

7th Grade: Mr. Robertson
8th Grade: Mrs. Peterson

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