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The office is located at the second driveway past the tennis courts. The lower lot is locked at 7:30 until after school starts and again at 2:00 until the buses clear after school.  Feel free to park by the tennis courts and walk down our walkway to the office!  We look forward to meeting you! 

Cavitt is a STEM school; so what type of technology is available to support student learning?
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Instructional Technology Resources
  • EVERY classroom in the school has a Promethean Board (interactive smart board), a Voice Enhancement System and a document camera. Teachers use these resources daily to postively impact your child(ren)'s learning experiences.
  • UPDATE:  20-21 EUSD offers every student a loaner Chromebook to ensure proper social distancing & cleanliness protocols.  Visit EUSD's Website - find the drop down menu under "Departments", "Technology", to complete a Chromebook loaner form.
PowerSchool Student & Family Access
  • Families and students have access to the online grading program. Grades are updated often; thereby allowing constant monitoring of your child's progress on assignments and homework assignments/completion. We hope that student are ready for more self-monitoring; however, PowerSchool is in place to support school/family communication.
  • As a parent/guardian, you can choose to have automatic updates (grade checks) sent to your mailbox!

My child is going to be a new seventh grader or is a new eighth grader. When and where can I purchase PE clothes, a planner, etc?
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COVID HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE DO PE.  Students will NOT dress down for PE 2020-2021 school year
Planners were handed out with textbooks before school began.  If your child did NOT pick up a planner, he or she may get one in the office.
The Cavitt PTC is proud to support the Orientation of our 7th and 8th Graders by supporting the Cavitt Office getting our students the materials they need before the first day of school!  
For 7th Grade and New 8th Grade Families, you are invited to attend the Parent/Guardian Orientation at 1:00pm in the multi-purpose room the day before school starts.  After the Parent / Guardian Orientation, you can secure a planner, yearbook, PE clothes, make a donation to the PTC and you receive your student's schedule.
For Returning 8th graders, the above may be purchased in the library the day before school starts at 1:00pm. Returning 8th graders who return a completed donation receipt and hand it in between 1:00–1:30pm will receive a Free Mile Pass to be used during the 1st Trimester.  
After the school year starts, all of the above will be available in the school office. 

Where can I find out information on what announcements are made to students on the CTV program?Top of Page

Cavitt is doing Podcasts of our CTV morning announcements and our school newspaper is on-line! Go to the Department link to find out how our students are using technology everyday!

I heard that the school television broadcasts (CTV) are now online. Where would I find it on the webpage?Top of Page

CTV has its own webpage on our website and will be updated daily throughout the school year!  Families are able to watch the daily broadcasts and keep up to date on Cavitt events. We are so proud of our 8th grade anchors and our 7th and 8th grade students who run the cameras and the main board! Check it out!

Where can I find information on Cavitt Sport Teams?
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Update:  During Covid there are currently no athletics offered at Cavitt JHS.
The Sports Zone is where you will find all the information you will need!  Information includes schedules (which change often due to the league making adjustments), sport team rules and directions to games. Often during the CTV morning broadcast you can find out how our teams faired during their games and learn when tryouts are for the next season's sports.

How do I stay informed on school activities and information?Top of Page

We send out a school communication once a week via email to families. Our school newsletter, the Cavitt Roundup, is emailed to parents every Friday. You can also find it posted under the announcements on the website, as well as a PDF version of previous weeks newsletters under the Cavitt Roundup Archive. Our CTV (news show) is uploaded daily for parents to watch.

What school supplies will my student need?Top of Page

Each academic teacher communicates his/her needs for the students at Back to School night. If there are supply needs from enrichment classes, teachers communicate to the students in class and, if needed, by an email or newsletter to families.

Are there opportunities for a parent to volunteer?
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Due to COVID 19 - we cannot allow parent volunteers on campus during the 2020-2021 school year.  Thank you for understanding.
Cavitt has many opportunities for parents to be an active part of our campus. We encourage parents to volunteer for Cavitt's Parent Teacher Club (PTC), the Eureka Schools Foundation or serve on our Site Council. We have also had great success with our PAWS program. In the PAWS program, parents sign up to walk the campus on a designated route with a partner and report anything that looks out of the ordinary. We also have opportunities to volunteer in the library, chaperone at a dance, be part of the graduation committee or assist with Art Docent.

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