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PAWS (Parents Assisting with Safety)

Welcome to Cavitt P.A.W.S.!

Welcome to Cavitt P.A.W.S.!

This program is organized and staffed by Cavitt parents 
We apologize that there will be no PAWS program during the 2020-2021 school year
The Program

The Program

Mission Statement:
To assist Cavitt staff in the maintenance of a safe environment and to deter negative conduct by our visible presence on campus.

General Activity:
We walk the Cavitt campus in pairs, according to a pre-assigned schedule, and alert (by walkie-talkie) school administrative staff of any suspicious or inappropriate person or activity. The walking loop focuses on the front parking lot before and after school hours, and includes the service road, the front of the field, the back of the English building, and the front of the Science building while classes are in session. During lunch period, the walking loop tightens so as to focus on the perimeter of the lunch area. 

General Limitations:
We do NOT intercede in any inappropriate activity or confront any suspicious person. We do  NOT reprimand or correct student behavior or seize items such as cell phones, cigarettes, drugs or weapons that are not allowed on campus.  Rather, we inform appropriate school administrative staff of our observations so that trained staff can handle the situation.

 We must walk in pairs at all times! The policy of the School District prohibits any campus personnel from being alone with a student unless they have received security clearance through the District.  We do not have that clearance.  Therefore, for our protection and our children’s protection, we must be with another P.A.W.S. member at all times!

All P.A.W.S. members must be on file  with the scheduling coordinator and have a picture I.D. badge. Each time we arrive for our shift, we check in with the office and pick up our walkie-talkie and I.D. badge, both of which are returned to the office at the end of our shift.

Conduct: Our goal is to be friendly and positive with students and faculty so that we deter negative behavior merely by our presence.  We may lend a helping hand when asked, and are encouraged to reinforce positive behavior by extending compliments.  

 During our shift, we must wear our P.A.W.S. I.D. badge so that it clearly and quickly identifies us as an approved participant in the program.  Special P.A.W.S. umbrellas will also be made available for easy identification on rainy days.

Ideally, we would like a commitment of a 2-hour shift twice a month.  However, if you would prefer a 1-hour shift every week, we will do our best to accommodate you. 

If you do not see an available shift that fits into your schedule, we still need you as a substitute!  (Remember, no one can walk alone, so if someone is unable to fill their shift, they must find a substitute or else their walking partner can not walk either!) 

To sign up for a shift or as a substitute, please e-mail our Scheduling Coordinator.
Thank You

Thank You

Thank you again for becoming part of the Cavitt P.A.W.S. We look forward to seeing you on campus!!!!