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7th Grade Girls Volleyball

7th Grade Girls Volleyball

Alana B.
Julia D.
Addison G.
Libby H.
Cierra H.
Audrey K.
Madeline L.
Hannah M.
Riley R.
Diya S.
Sofie U.
Vivian Z.
Our first practice will be Monday 3-4.
(Tues. 4-5, Wed. 3-4, Thurs. 4-5)
I want to thank everyone for trying out. To have 30 girls wanting to be on the team is amazing and it is such a tough job to narrow it down to only 12. I am so proud of each and every one of you girls, whether you made the team or not. You should be proud of yourself for your efforts as well.
8th Grade Girls' Volleyball

8th Grade Girls' Volleyball

Madeline B
Ava C
Sofia E
Lillian G
Paige G
Camryn G
Skylar K
Breanna L
Michelle M
Katie P
Sloan S
Hallie T
Our first practice will be Monday 4-5.
Thank you to everyone who came to tryouts. I am really proud of all of you! 


7th Grade: Mr. Robertson
8th Grade: Mrs. Peterson